Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets once a month on a Monday afternoon from 5.00pm
We are very fortunate to have a Board that is dedicated to supporting and meeting the needs of staff, students and whanau

This is an elected group of parents who meet once a month. All parents are welcome to attend the monthly meetings. Only Board members can speak at these meetings. Visitors unless are asked to observe only unless they are asked by Board members to speak. If you would like to be a Board member, please contact the school office. Elections are held every three years.

Board Members

Amber George
Amber George Chairperson

Kia Ora My name is Amber George. I have been teaching for over 20 years , 18 years of these have been spent at Tamaki College, where I am the Executive Dean, Co-HOD English and HOD Languages. I have been involved with Ruapotaka since 2011 when my daughter started school as a Year 0, that was followed with my son in 2012 starting school and my eldest moko who joined Ruapotaka in 2018 as a Year 5. Both my children are now current students at Tamaki College.

I am a long standing Board member since 2012 and enjoy serving the Ruapotaka Community. The changes that are happening in our community and the growth to Ruapotaka School is looking to be very positive. I want to support the development and growth of effective and inclusive learning here at Ruapotaka School. I bring to my role as Chairperson expertise in curriculum & assessment, professional development & pedagogy along with behaviour management strategies. I intend to continually to support the principal and staff to enable them to succeed in giving our tamariki the very best education possible and provide the opportunities all of our children deserve. Ngaa Mihi

Trudie Cook
Trudie CookDeputy Chairperson


My name is Trudie Cook and I have had 4 children Natasha, James, Donnea and Sheralee who have all attended Ruapotaka School. I have been a Board member since 2007 and at present hold the position of Deputy Chair.

I have lived in the area for the past 35 years and have been activity involved with the school since my eldest started in 1996. I believe in Ruapotaka’s values and embrace our many cultures and believe that every child that attends Ruapotaka will reach their potential through the leadership of our Principal and teachers.

Allison Hamilton
Allison HamiltonPrincipal


Fakaalofa lahi atu, my name is Allison Hamilton and I am the Principal of Ruapotaka School. I have been here since January 2019. I grew up on Anderson Avenue with my parents and 5 other siblings. We all went to Ruapotaka School, Tamaki Intermediate and Tamaki College. Both my parents were long standing members of the Tamaki Presbyterian Church on the corner of Pilkington and Erima Ave and my mother worked in several businesses around Glen Innes and Panmure as a seamstress. My father worked for the Auckland Electric Power Board for over 40 years until his retirement. It is a huge honour and privilege to return and serve the community I grew up in. I look forward to meeting you and my office door is always open.

Ina Michael
Ina MichaelTrustee

New to the Board. Profile coming soon.

Tere Tetupu
Tere TetupuTrustee

Hello, Greetings and a warm welcome,

My name is Tereura N Tetupu everyone calls me Tere. I am very happy to be part of an amazing bright and enthusiastic school that has taken all three of my lovely children, Phoenix my son and two daughters Tyla and Madisyn. With my youngest of the lot leaving last year as a head prefect of Ruapotaka, to start her new journey into college this year, with the knowledge and tools Ruapotaka has provided for her with outstanding Principals, teachers, excellent relief teachers and unforgettable classmates (that were all put to the test last year when COVID struck the world and affected everyone). She has managed to succeed a lot this year. I have been a standing member of the Ruapotaka Board of Trustees since 2019 and have enjoyed being part of the strong committee willing, striving to make a safer, happy and growing change for our young tamariki, the true leaders and Kaitiaki of tomorrow.

I am honored and privileged to support a truly hard working Principal, a humble caretaker and an on to it secretary plus the many, many unsung heroes past and present day that have put a lot of effort into making Ruapotaka what it is today.

Kia Orana Tere


Ruapotaka will be having many events in the future. Please come and support us and your children, don’t be shy, we would love your support and many more new board members helping the little school we all love grow and prosper.

Akairi Rata
Akairi RataTrustee

Kia Orana and warm pacific greetings,

My name is Akairi Rata or you can call me ‘KAI’ for short. I was born and raised around G.I (Glen Innes). I have done all my schooling in the area and currently still living in Glen Innes.

My connection to Ruapotaka school is I was an ex-student from 1996-2001, my siblings and nephews have also attended and now my younger nephew in yr8 and my two girls in yr3 and yr6 are attending this school and here I am back again but this time on the school board. So it has been a very family oriented school since growing up.

I have been on the school board for 3 years and it surely has been an awesome journey knowing what’s happening around our school on a daily basis, to decision making, wanting and helping what our children need for their future education and development.

I give acknowledgement to all our staff members, management, board members, parents/ caregivers and our Ruapotaka community for all their hard work for encouraging, supporting, nurturing and the list goes on for helping our children. We wouldn’t be able to do our job without everyone involved.

Meitaki Maata

James O'Brien
James O'BrienStaff Trustee

Kia Ora my name is James O’Brien, I was born in Wellington and then moved to Auckland when I was young. So, I see myself as an Aucklander and like to support the Auckland sides. I enjoy sport especially cricket and I am still playing for a social side. I also enjoy going to games and experiencing the atmosphere.

I am and I have been a teacher for 20 years. During this time I have had a number of different roles, New Entrant teacher, Team Leader, ICT Specialist Teacher, Dean of Learning to name a few. I have worked in Auckland all my life and enjoy the different cultures that I get to experience teaching in the region.

I started my journey with Ruapotaka school in 2021 where I am the teacher of the Year 5 and 6 class as well as the Deputy Principal for the Senior School. I am really enjoying my job and look forward to working with the community and the children to continue to develop our school. If I can be of assistance in anyway, please feel free to contact me at the school.


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